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Partner with Kirk and the team in our mission to reach youth through the arts!


Our mission at The Franklin Imagine Group (TFIG) is to impact lives through the arts by establishing a foundation for them to learn, know and grow in the basic tenants of a career in the arts through camps, conferences, mentoring as a means to develop character, skills and abilities for future successes in life, family and work environments.


Our inaugural camp will take place in the summer of 2019 offered to students in grades 9-12 from the local Arlington area and will be primarily housed at the state of the art studio of Fo Yo Soul Entertainment.  Youth who attend this camp will be through a recommendation process from local community partners from high school and church music programs. 

The camp will be a week long and the youth will participate in a variety of workshop sessions on Music Business 101 (record labels, record deals, your management team, touring, songwriting & publishing), Promotion & Marketing and various clinics on voice, piano, guitar, drums, songwriting, recording and a live performance at the end of the week.  We will be engaging with various industry leaders to lead in the workshops and clinics.

The camp will not cost those who attend, so our partners are key to making sure we have the necessary resources to put on a camp at this level.  Our focus is to reach those youth who have the ability but may not have the resources to realize their dream.  We want to be a part of their seeing a vision, striving for their vision and succeeding in their vision and life.  “Music was my way out” says Franklin, who was raised in a rough area of Fort Worth, Texas.  “If it wasn’t for the music speaking to me at an early age, and a core group of teachers and leaders that pulled me out of an environment ripe for destruction, my life would have a totally different ending.”  And out of this passion, Kirk and his wife,Tammy, want to give back to reach the next generation. 

Would you join with Kirk and Tammy and become a partner with us at any level?  

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The Franklin Imagine Group (TFIG) is a 501(c)(3) corporation that seeks to maintain a high level of integrity and transparency with their donors and public in general. 


Our first year of operations for the camp is scheduled for the summer of 2019.  We look forward to launching our first flagship camp designed to reach youth 9th-12th grade to impact (transform) their lives through the arts with programs that develop character, skills and abilities for future successes in life, family and career.

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